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Natural Product Research Consultants

Donald J. Brown, N.D.

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Natural Product Research Consultants

Donald J. Brown, N.D.

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Scientific & Clinical 

Scientific & Clinical

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NPRC offers a number of services to assist clients with the development and research of new dietary supplement products and existing product reformulation:

Product Development

Assistance in the development of evidence-based dietary supplement products.

Ingredient safety, efficacy reviews, and feedback based on existing clinical and pre-clinical data.

Coordinating communication between clients and the technical and scientific personnel at ingredient suppliers.

Feedback on product labeling, including dosage and precautions.


Assistance in determining the research needed to complete ingredient or product development, including proposed study design.

Identifying and recommending research partners, including academic and contract research organizations.

Coordinating protocol development with research partners.

Study monitoring for clients with ongoing clinical trials.


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NPRC offers a number of services that assist clients in navigating regulatory laws for dietary supplements in the USA. These include:

Dietary supplement structure/function claims substantiation, to comply with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, including a) coordination with marketing efforts in order to determine potential claims during product development, and b) provide research support for product claims substantiation form.

Advertising claims substantiation, to comply with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines for dietary supplements, including a) providing feedback on substantiation for potential advertising claims, and b) providing written expert review and opinion on substantiation for advertising claims.

Clinical review and summary for advertising claims challenges from the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Better Business Bureau, including coordinating with legal counsel on the completion of NAD advertising claim challenges.


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NPRC offers a number of educational services for a wide variety of clients and audiences. These include:

Technical third party reviews and monographs on selected evidence-based ingredients for publication and/or commercial use.

DSHEA-compliant third party literature for product educational support.

Continuing education programs for healthcare professionals.

Educational presentations on evidence-based products or condition-specific topics in a conference, symposium or webinar setting, for healthcare professionals, prospective customers of ingredient suppliers, sales representatives, retail accounts, and consumers.